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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Memorable Holidays in Far-East at Heavenly Island of Koh Samui from Crystal Travel

Koh Samui or commonly named as Samui is a small beautiful Island of Thailand surrounded with sea and on the shores of Gulf of Thailand. This city is one of the cities that are blessed by nature in Far East. Here one can find plenty of natural sites to have a nice soothing and stress free vacations. This city is the location of Ko Samui Airport which is the most efficient gateway for the voyagers traveling to this city.

Getting around the city is quite easy and effective as one can use different modes of public transportations like buses, taxis, bicycles and small motorbikes. With Cheap Flight Tickets to Koh Samui, one can rent a car to commute securely and with privacy. The best time to visit Koh Samui Thailand is from the month of December to June when the climate is very supportive as well as most of the festivals take place.

With Flights from UK to Koh Samui, one can visit to some nice landmarks like Wat Khunaram Ko Samui which is the most famous temple in the city for its preserved monk in display. This is a nice place to observe the culture and history of Koh Samui. One may also visit to the Butterfly Garden and Insect Museum that has a huge collection of various butterfly and bugs.

Tourist Attraction in Koh Samui

With Cheapest Flights to Koh Samui, one can visit to the exotic beaches for what this island is famous for. One may visit to Chaweng Beach which is the most famous and major beach in Koh Samui. Here one will find a beautiful white sand beach where one can lie down whole day and have drinks and enjoy the scenic view of sea. This is also a nice place to enjoy the night life of the city as there are plenty of restaurants and bars to have party whole night.

If Chaweng is not enough, this land has many other beaches where one can enjoy admire the nature and get stressed out lying all day. One may visit to Maenam Beach, Big Buddha Beach, Choengmon Beach, Lamai Beach and many others to have a day out and have adventure or peace in front of clean blue sea. This island is quite famous for spas and herbal treatment. People from around the world visits here for the body treatment with herbal methods.

With Flights to Koh Samui from Manchester, one may also visit to Samui Aquarium and Tiger Zoo to see the diversity of the life under water. There one can find an amazing collection of floating animals and tropical fishes. The Tiger Zoo is the natural habitat of Bengal Tigers and Leopards. Here one will find the rare species of tigers preserved and well handled under friendly environment.

Far-East Holidays will be a nice experience for the shopping lovers as there are plenty of markets and are close to beaches as well. One may find a big market close to Bophut Beach where one can buy some quality furniture as well as souvenirs from the fisherman’s market. One may also visit to Chaweng close to Chaweng beach to find some nice shops of clothes, jewelry and other accessories. Some other places for shopping are Lamai, Maenam, Nathon, and Jim Thompson.

Foodies will have a wonderful time having new dishes that are rarely found anywhere else in the world. The specialty of Koh Samui is the cuisines made with coconut and spectacular sea food. One can find plenty of shops next to beach where they can have exotic Thai food with the flavor of Koh Samui. These places also serve international cuisines with lip smacking taste. One can visit to Bophut, Lamai, Nathon and Chaweng for all these amazing restaurants that serve the tastiest food ever with hygiene.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Fascinating Vacations With Best Cheap Flight to Hanoi from Crystal Travel

Hanoi is the capital and the second largest city of Vietnam. With Chinese culture and French architecture it comprises with a nice mix of east and west. This city portrays the history and the culture of Vietnam very well that can be witnessed quite easily by getting cheap flight to Hanoi. The city also has plenty of attractions like Temples, Museums, Lakes, Parks and much more that can easily make you to fall in love.

The city has developed very well and to commute from a place to another, one can use different modes of transportation like taxis, hired cars, hired motorbikes, cycles. Accommodation is also very easy as one can find 3 stars to 5 stars hotels quite easily. To enjoy the vacations anytime, one can go for last minute flights with Crystal Travel.

The city is complete influenced by its history that has showcased in so many museums. This place will be the paradise for those people who love Historical artifacts. Diverse Museums, Theaters showcases cultural arts, Parks and Lakes are the best holiday destinations in Hanoi.

Best Tourist Places in Hanoi

Hanoi is full of museums that portray the culture, heritage and history of Vietnam. It can be an informative trip for those who are exploring different cultures in the world as it projects a complete wide past of Vietnam. There is Ho Chi Minh Museum that is dedicated to the late Vietnam leader Ho Chi Minh and his struggle against foreign powers.

Also there is Vietnam Women’s Museum that showcases the fearless Vietnam heroines and ritual and traditional women lives under the surroundings of Vietnam. By booking cheap flight tickets to Hanoi one can visit to some other museums as well like Fine Arts Museum, Army Museum, Air Force Museum, National Museum of Vietnam History, Museum of Vietnam Revolution and much more.

Hanoi is famous for lakes, religiosity and attractive past. At its northern end, the Hoan Kiem Lake is a mesmerizing place that has a mythological story. There is a tiny island in the middle with a beautiful historical architecture called Turtle Tower. Also there are number of attractive Buddhist Temples that are surely worth to watch.

Things to do in Hanoi

One can also visit at Thang Long Water Puppet Theater that can be the most exclusive experience for anyone. It shows the wooden puppets acting on the legendry stories accompanied with the folk musicians live hitting on water face. On weekend with that one can visit to the Golden Bell Show that showcases the traditional art performances of Vietnam.

Food Hunters will find delicious appetite during these vacations. At Hanoi, one will definitely find mouth watering French Pastries, Thai food, Chicken, Sea food, Beef and Chinese food to feast up. The food quality, freshness and hygiene are very high in Hanoi’s restaurants.

There are plenty of markets to shop like Hang Da, Cho Hom and wholesale market Dong Xuan where one can buy anything they need or souvenir for family and friends. There is also a Night Market where one can shop at late night.

Friday, 19 October 2012

Have Joyful Vacations in Kuala Lumpur with Discounted Air Tickets from Crystal Travel

Kuala Lumpur is one of the finest and popular destinations in Malaysia renowned for its marvelous modern architectures and culture depth. The city has number of iconic and ravishing landmarks that can be enjoyed in your upcoming vacations by low cost airline tickets to Kuala Lumpur. The city is the cultural, economical and financial center of Malaysia because of so many enjoyable locations that one can not be left without visiting.

The city is also blessed with the natural locations that will be like second heaven for nature lovers. Places like rain forests, aquariums and parks are the places where one can admire the beauty of diversity of nature. All this scenic fun will be yours by finding trip to Kuala Lumpur with Crystal Travel.

Because of situated in rain forests, the climate of Kuala Lumpur is very amusing in every month of year. There one can witness the completely unpredictable weather on any day.

With low budget flight tickets to Kuala Lumpur from London one can visit to Petronas Twin Tower, the tallest twin buildings in the world joined by a bridge and one can get an aerial view of Kuala Lumpur from the top of these towers. One can also visit to Minara Kuala Lumpur Tower which is even higher then the Petronas Twin Tower.

Best Places to Visit in Kuala Lumpur

The city has plenty of famous destinations where one can visit, like KL Bird Park where one can witness more then 2000 birds living in their natural abode. The Park showcases the enrichment of Malaysian Rain Forests. There are number of species that live in the same Park together.

Also one can witness the trees that are higher then 10 storey building and so many rich evergreen trees. This is the place where one can admire the beauty and lush view of nature. If one is nature lover then can also visit to KL Butterfly Park, Orchid Garden and Lake Garden that has a wonderful view of diversity of nature that can be witnessed with cheapest flights tickets to Kuala Lumpur.

The Petronas Twin Tower is like the center of attraction in Kuala Lumpur as it is the tallest twin tower in the world and gives a beautiful aerial view of Kuala Lumpur. The tower’s entrance lobby showcases the culture and heritage of Malaysia by Handicrafts and carvings. For the height lovers there is also Minara Kuala Lumpur Tower which is even higher then Petronas Twin Tower. The Minara Tower gives an amazing bird eye view of city.

There are also so many places to visit like Agong’s Palace the residence of Malaysian King, National Mosque, National Museum, and Petaling Street the Malaysian China Town and much More.

If one has time to travel, they can go at FRIM, the Forest Research Institute of Malaysia located 16 km from city to experience the real rainforests spread in over 1500 hectares. This is the place where one can experience the rich fauna of Malaysia. Also one can visit to the Batu Caves, a holy temple of Hindus and a series of caves and cave temples of around 400 million years old.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Visit Koh Samui - The Pleasure That Continues Forever

Koh Samui, the isle in the gulf of Thailand, has emerged as one of the most enigmatic powerhouses in country's tourism revolution in recent years – drawing attentions of all kinds of voyagers.

Whether you are in search of beautiful beaches, astonishing landscapes, dynamic climate, adventure, thrill, sensational shopping opportunities, pleasing dining or simply a calm and quiet escape from hustling honking cities, Koh Samui is for you - your awesome destination. Stretched over eastern coastline of Southern Thailand 

Around 30 years aback, this vast island was brought in light by two voyagers. However, that untouched cryptic isle with everything natural be it its crystal sandy seafronts, flinging-flaming palm trees, azure water roaring under titillating sun , is now the address of nation's most blissful spa centers, elite hotels, luxury resorts.

Everyday, the Samui Airport hosts numbers of people boarding cheap flights to Koh Samui flying from various corners of the world. This jumbo island is well connected by air, road and water. You can book cheap flight tickets to Koh Samui from or can also opt for great travel deals which itself can include low cost air fare tickets to Koh Samui,  private trips, hotel booking, car or cruise booking any many more.

Best Places to visit, things to do in Koh Samui

Miles away from hotfoot cities, Koh Smaui is certainly a one stop destination for every voyager seeking a calm escape with romantic white-sand-surf seafronts, azure seas, and delicate sunlight. Koh Samui is still one of the less-crafted paradises over the earth. Some of the biggest attractions in Koh Samui include Lamai Beach, Namuang Falls and majestic range of Hin Ta-HinYai rocks. 

Things to do in Koh Samui are seemingly countless. Its dynamic beaches are full of adventures and you can have great fun in trying some of the activities provided here like deep-sea scuba diving, fishing, sailing and snorkeling. You can also hop on a boat and head toward Ang Thong National Marine Park and adjoining islands of Ko Pha Ngan and Ko Tao to witness the amazing flora and fauna of the island.

Cuisines, entertainment and shopping

The second largest island of the Thailand is also the home of numerous elite hotels, luxury resorts, young cafes, pubs, shinning restaurants, shopping space, emporiums and marts.

Grab a breath-stealing and tremendous range of dishes – paradise of foodies. Island’s numerous restaurants and eateries are all set to deliver the life time memorable flavors and dishes with specialty in authentic Thai seafood, Chinese, Indian and Italian culinary. And, don't worry about after dark as a complete arrangement of drinks, joy and entertainment can be found in island's cafes, discos and bars.

Shopping can be a good experience here on the island. Adequate number of shopping marts and emporiums are here dealing in trendy outfits, accessories, ornaments, fabrics and daily life goods. So, be certain to grab their attractive deals.

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Cheap Flights tickets to Kuala Lumpur with Crystal Travel- Your part of Majestic Malaysian Magic

Kuala Lumpur, the capital town of Malaysia or as it is affectionately renowned in most parts of the world - KL, is actually the vigorous face of country displaying it's overwhelming growth, historical royalty, highest standards of living and immeasurable splendid architecture. Eventually, voyagers around the globe get excited to book cheap flights tickets to Kuala Lumpur with Crystal Travel at their earliest at much discounted air fares. 

Over the past few years, the capital city of Malaysia has emerged as a thriving tourist nerve center offering king-size pleasure to voyagers depleting its spectacular superstructures, relic historical monuments, lush green gardens, nectarous restaurants, spacious shopping malls – perfect trappings to all styles of backpackers - seductive sightseeing, delicious food, sensational shopping, and almost inevitable celebrations bouncing up in all corners all nights. What more you can expect from your holiday destination?

Places to visit and things to do in Kuala Lumpur

Boasting of its big array of alluring places to visit and thrilling things to do, Kuala Lumpur (KL), the capital city of Malaysia is truly a genuine melting pot for all sorts of voyagers. While splendid architectures here will surely inspire your awe, the chaotic aura of angelic temples will surely be going to leave you with unforgettable memories.
From mega structures, astonishing shopping malls, lips smashing restaurants, dynamic nightlife, to signatures of authentic Malaysian traditional elegance, city holds an exclusive blend of best holiday destinations in Kuala Lumpur.

Make a visit to some of the giant skyscrapers in the town like Petronas and KL Tower and let height bang up all your senses. Downtown is choked with beautiful lush green parks and garden which are top tranquilizing escapes and best tourist places in Kuala Lumpur. So, a stroll around the lake Garden, city Bird Park and sanctuaries of Taman Titiwangsa is a pleasant idea, indeed.

Kuala Lumpur's ancient Hindu temples and mosques cache a special place in the hearts of all tourists and certainly not to be missed anyhow.  Talk a short walk to city aquarium site, museums, and Thai temple of Thean Hou and find how the city is all set to mesmerize its voyagers with its bundle of lovely trappings.

            Yummy Food. Naughty Entertainment. Lovey Dovey Shopping.
                       Time to book cheap flight tickets to Kuala Lumpur

Shopping, dining and Kuala Lumpur, all are absolutely metonym to each other and abundant of shopping malls, restaurants, discos in the city utterly proves it. Grab great deals on almost everything- from classical Malaysian handmade items to big brands with designer's tag, in city's plenty of shopping malls. And acquire a spacious range of authentic meal and intercontinental cookery, exotic beverage and charming entertainment in city's myriad of restaurants, pubs and bars.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Get your feet in the bliss-town with cheap flight to Cebu from Crystal Travel

Book cheap flights tickets to Cebu from Crystal Travel and make your dream holidays in the hypnotizing hamlet of Philippines come true. Cheap flight to Cebu lets voyagers to the world of ecstatic seafronts, relic awes, hills, water falls, dynamic culture, vibrant crowd and lot more – the complete bundle of fun, thrill and delight.

Famous as the angelic “Queen of the South”, Cebu clasps stunning settings across its captivating seashores, murky plains and lenient hills, and certainly is one of the most established and oldest tourist nerve centers in the country offering plenty of best holiday destinations in Cebu. Throughout the year, city witnesses floods of explorer landing at this majestic land through low cost flights to Cebu.          

Best Tourist places in Cebu

Cebu is unquestionably one off. Voyagers get myriad of places to visit and things to do in Cebu and might get struck in a problem of plenty. 

Beaches are undoubtedly the biggest attractions in Cebu. The serene aura of tranquilizing oceanfront is well beyond hustle full city-life and it won’t just mesmerize you but you will find numbers of hilarious activities to do too. Try yourself in swimming, diving, snorkeling and many others, and even than if you feel little incomplete, head toward the long row of beachside resorts, cafes, pubs and shops to gain unparallel hedonism.

Make a stroll to the chaotic monuments of Fort of San Pedro. And, be certain to not to miss the worldwide renowned Basilica Minore del Santo Nino and Magellan's Cross. Taking help of an erudite expert check out climbing, maintaining over mountain range in northern sides of the island and you can also catch sightseeing of some terrific waterfalls.  

Dive deep in the magic of Cebu with cheap flight tickets to Cebu from Crystal Travel

As you already know Cebu is simply one off, its offerings are also one off. Weather it is about dining, entertainment or shopping, Cebuano offerings are matchless. Over the years, the city has been serving the best of dishes from all corners of the world in an addition to delicious traditional Pilipino food menu. Being the harbor gem of the country, exclusive seafood with exclusive entertainment is served here and it will be really tough for you to resist yourself from city's lavish restaurants, pubs and cafes. For sensational shopping, Cebu is the best pick-up center of the nation. In its elite shopping malls, local emporium marts and vibrant markets get great deals on all sorts of goods ranging from conventional hand made handicrafts, classical bamboo furniture to latest fashionable branded outfits.

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