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Friday, 28 September 2012

Cheap Flights to Bali lets you savor the sight of heaven at nominal fares

Bali, the tropical pearl is the jewel in the crown of the Indonesian Archipelago. Blessed with natural beauty and a vivacious culture, Bali offers tourists an intriguing travel experience to people of all ages and lifestyles exploring this paradise.

Heavenly Bali

Cheap Flights to Bali with Crystal Travel offers the taste of heaven at reasonable airfares. The surprising varied geography is enticing to all its visitors. A significant portion of the terrain is mountainous, with the highest peak and one of four active volcanoes-Mt. Agung-rising to an altitude of over 3,000 meters. The volcanic soil lends itself well to the growing of crops and the agricultural sector is second only to tourism in terms of importance to the Balinese economy.

Allure of Bali

Besides the well known natural attractions tempting tourist from all walks of life to book Flights to Bali, Balinese art has made a name for itself globally. Among the art forms are painting, carvings of wood and stone, and exquisite works in gold and silver. Many of these art works integrate religious themes. Seen in the large number of Hindu temples it is a common sight throughout the island. A visit to a temple is one of the most memorable highlights while booking Bali Flights. Tanah Lot, a temple is a favorite destination for tourists with its spectacular setting atop a rocky outcrop jutting into the ocean. The beautiful sight is among the most photographed landmarks in Bali.

Beaches of fun & adventure

For a beach holiday, you could not ask for a better destination than the Indonesian island of Bali. The popular beaches are Kuta, Sanur, Nusa Dua, Lovina, Legian, and Candidasa offering a unique vibe and a memorable time. Beaches in the island offer accommodation options from resorts to luxury villas depending on your budget and requirements. Save more by booking Cheap Flights to Bali and spend a vacation in utmost luxury. From palm fringed beaches with soft white sand to the wild sand beaches, the options are many. From lounging in a hammock or basking in the sun, you get opportunity to indulge in beach activities such as kayaking, diving, and parasailing and much more.

Balinese Culture & Heritage

The Balinese practice their own brand of Hinduism with numerous pre-Hindu beliefs and rituals. The lives of the Balinese mediate in and through the context of a religious view. The Balinese calendar is marked by a number of religious festivals involving elaborate ceremonies and rituals. Flights to Bali booked at nominal rates help you save time and money and explore the culture and heritage this paradise that prides in. Dance is a major component of Balinese rituals. Kecak or "Ramayana Monkey Chant" used in ceremonies is highly admired by all tourists. Bali's attractions would be incomplete without mentioning the charm of the people who call the island home. The affable and cordial nature of Balinese citizens leaves an eternal impression of enjoyable experience.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Flights to Bangkok lets you bask in the exuberance of City of Angels

Bangkok is the dreamy, glitzy, exhilarating capital of Thailand. The metropolis though guaranteeing you utmost pleasures, modern amenities, thrilling experiences the city is known to preserve its cultural integrity, heritage and its exuberant charm treasured in its breathtaking temples, museums and in the very streets of the city.

Beguiling Allures

Bangkok is the capital, largest city, and cultural center of Thailand and a leading city of Southeast Asia. It lies on the Chao Phraya River, near the Gulf of Thailand. Cheap Flights to Bangkok with Crystal Travel offers a delightful vacation at unbeatable rates. The enticing metropolis is famous for its beautiful Buddhist temples. Today the glittering spires of hundreds of temples rise on the skyline beside modern skyscrapers. The oldest part of the city is the walled Grand Palace. It contains the famous Temple of the Emerald Buddha, which houses a statue of the Buddha that is sacred to the Buddhists of Thailand and the Temple of the Dawn. Government buildings, theaters, museums, and Silpakorn and Thammasat universities mark the city adjacent to Thai merchants and artisans of Chinese ancestry own small shops.
Exotic Heritage Attractions

People once moved about Bangkok mainly by boat. As the city spread outward from the riverbanks, canals-many of which have since been filled in and paved-were built to provide transportation links to the river. These canals caused Bangkok to be called the Venice of the East. The glittering temples still give the city an exotic East Asian atmosphere. Among the better-known temples, besides the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, are Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn), Wat Benchamabopitr (Marble Temple), Wat Po (Temple of the Reclining Buddha), Wat Trimitr (Temple of the Golden Buddha), and Wat Rajabopitr (Temple of the Pearl Inlaid Doors).

Intriguing experiences

The river and canals of Bangkok are alive with boats of all descriptions. Take a boat ride through these entrancing canals and rivers and lose yourself in the serene ambiance the city has. Air-conditioned shopping malls and department stores are common. The famous Floating Market of Bangkok is a sight to be seen. The city is highly versatile and is also reputed as a shopping destination. Various malls and shopping centers offer remarkable varieties to tourists. One can shop for exotic Thai crafts, gems, jewelries, fabrics, books, etc. Numerous electric gadgets are available with goods ranging from pottery to electronic goods and household items. One of the most acclaimed experiences of Bangkok is the wide variety of its succulent cuisine.  Hot and spicy or sweet and sour, the Thai cuisine is mainly a happy combination of centuries-old Eastern and Western influences turned into something now known as uniquely Thai. International cuisines are easily available all over the city in the plethora of restaurants. Seafood, fresh vegetables and delectable spices present a memory cherished forever. Nightlife in the city is known for its wild and colourful side. Thai spa is a holistic health care program utilizing the benefits of Thai local wisdom to relax, balance and stimulate the body, mind and spirit under a beautiful natural environment. The traditional Thai massage is known for its treatment of diseases and is revered by all in Bangkok.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Flights to Ho Chi Minh City transcend you to the enigma of Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City is a vibrant metropolis of Vietnam culture and contemporary development flourish together in a totally unique way. Fondly named as Saigon, the entire city is the past and present towering together, with wooden pagodas still selling old world spices and towering skyscrapers welcoming you in for a look at all the latest fashions. From designer malls to restaurants boasting of gourmet chefs savour the taste of the old world and the new.

Tantalizing Attractions

Ho Chi Minh welcomes tourists from all over the world to its marvelous mishmash of the ancient and the state-of-the-art, from the magnificent museums and primeval pagodas to the ultramodern theaters and gorgeous convention centers. Cheap Flights to Ho Chi Minh from Crystal Travel City brings forth a glorious opportunity to bask in the delightful brew of Vietnam presenting delightful experiences. Dai Nam Park ranks the topmost tourist site; the architectural wonder of the Park is a triumph of the historic and the modern, with movie theaters, campground, water theme park, shopping malls, restaurants and ample temples adorning its premises. Go on a safari at the sprawling grounds of the Open Zoo, and watch the delightful array of animals, myriad hued birds of seventy-six varied species, reptiles and what not. Especially amusing are the rare breeds of white peacocks, hippos and royal white tigers.

Enticing History & Architecture

History buffs will delight in Ho Chi Minh's rich history at the extensive temple grounds, embracing a minuscule model of Vietnam with its artistic edifices from the times of the Hung King to the contemporary world. Two of these inimitable architectural wonders are the Bao Son Mountains and the Dai Nam Quoc Tu Temples. Ho Chi Minh is teeming with museums dedicated to myriad genres. The War Remnants Museum is a gruesome reflection of the ruthless ravages of the Vietnam. The captivating Fine Art Museum is a charming concoction of the past and present artistic delights, embodying paintings of current virtuosos as well as mind-blowing works of the Cham and Khmer times. Other museums of note are the neo-classic Revolutionary Museum, the History Museum, Ho Chi Minh City Museum and the Museum of Southeastern Armed Forces. One such magnificent piece of work is the Notre Dame Cathedral Basilica, an exceptional example of the neo-Romanesque architecture. Equally fascinating is the Reunification Palace, a symbol of the Vietnamese Independence and the benchmark site of the President's home as well as workplace during the War.

Delightful Dining & Shopping

Shopaholics visiting this Vietnamese city will not be disappointed either. There are a number of native markets and those of the Chinatown district of the city catering to the collection of souvenirs and memoirs. Shop till you drop at the Ben Thanh Market, pulsating with berserk crowds and the sound of purveyors selling their colorful wares. Get a taste of China amidst Cholon, the Chinatown of Ho Chi Minh welcoming all with its scarlet dragons and enticing tourists with its diverse range of Chinese goods. Feel the vibes of this astonishing, yet puzzling place, with buyers running amok. For a good bargainer, there are exquisite bargains to be taken home at unbelievable prices.

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